My birthday party

Ok, the second one.  The first was before my actual birthday and with friends in O’town.  It was great, though I overdid everything a little that night and felt off  the next day.

Not to down play the dinner and drinks with friends or the dinner and coffee with my darling hubby.  Both were wonderful!

This one was with family and was very fun.  It was cruise themed, with daiquiris (made with fresh fruit and rum,  quite yummy, thanks girls!)with umbrellas, lots of fruit, veggies and barbeque meats. Yum.  And organic chocolate cake made with coconut oil and chocolate iced and sprinkled with coconut flakes.  Delish!

We listened to steel drum music and danced around.

This was great and then there were gifts!  I was not expecting gifts! And AWESOME gifts!

Love this cake stand!Such a gorgeous apron!










I needed (and was thinking of making) a needle case.



Now I don’t need to.



And it’s purple and sparklie!


And super pretty earrings that I have not gotten a good picture of (gonna try again in the morning)

I am so lucky!


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