Wild days….

Wow.  Life sure has a way of having its way, doesn’t it.

In the past (hmph) weeks, I have packed the majority of my house in Orlando, traveled beside a great big truck with all our needed (or so we thought) items across the miles leading us to our new home, unpacked said truck with only myself, my broken hubby and my brother-in-law, the super hero, drove it over to my Grandmother’s house to pick up some lovely hand-me-down furniture, then back to the house to deliver it (again, with only the 3 of us to unload and assemble furniture that was broken down for the trip.

I have then taken the few days I had before being offered a job in the new town (Halleluiah!) to paint the entire upstairs (and my bedroom) a lovely grey with marshmallow trim, the intent being the whole house a seamless background for whatever we want it to be from now on

(note the walls before were not seamless), before the new carpet arrived.

You should have seen the state of this carpet; I have been in daycares with less stains and writing on the walls, literally WRITING ON THE WALL.

In marker.

It was going to be gone sooner or later; we got a great deal on sooner.

I discovered that I can not reach the ceiling in the stairwell even with an extendable paint roller.  Hubby promised I could have someone hired to finish it.  At some point.  That point has yet to be discovered.

I intend to paint the rest of the house this grey as well, and am going to be working on the front room this weekend.

I have yet to finish removing the wallpaper border from the kitchen and the half bath.  The upstairs was lousy with wallpaper border.  It took be the better part of a day to finish removing the wallpaper from each room.  I wasted SO much time on that.  I found out at some point, midway in painting, that the previous occupants painted with oil paint over latex, then wall papered, then repainted.  (There is an intercom system in the house.  It’s not completely working, but it provided a great hole in the wall to see the layers of wall treatment that has gone into the house.)  It started peeling.


I have unpacked I don’t know how many boxes and delivered their contents to the room I decided it would go.  I am still unpacking boxes.

I started a new job (yay!), done all of the paperwork and notifying I need to (I think) with the new address, received my new Driver’s License, got a library card (Oh so important for me), found out our coffee pot broke in the move, because coffee was leaking all over my counters mind you, not because I noticed the crack, and just ordered a new one.

We drove back to Orlando to gather more stuff, paint, gather more stuff, clean, gather the last of stuff (including the bookcase my mother decided to take when she drove her moving truck over to help us finish), and now hubby is going back again to fix a paint mess left behind by the bookcase we were not planning to take.

We unpacked the last of the stuff (from the moving truck that also moved my Mother and brother’s stuff from North Carolina) and have been slowly getting the contents into the appropriate rooms.

Hubby has fixed (as well as possible, darn those old occupants!) the master shower (OK really the tub that leaked into the garage drywall.  Joy.), the kitchen faucet that leaked out the bottom when you turned it on and the guest bathroom (as much as we could afford at the moment.  I believe that room needs to be gutted and start over.).  He is now creating a bit of “floor” in the attic, as much of a disaster as that is.   He “painted” rubber stuff on the outside of the Florida room, as it was mildewed and dry rotting away.

We have had the carpet ripped up and new installed, had our air conditioner serviced, a power review, trimmed the front oak tree (to keep it from touching the house and letting in bugs and spiders, and had Terminex transferred to our new place. (I am not a fan of roaches, and no matter what you do without a service, they come in whenever it rains.  How I adore Florida.  All the huge, biting bugs and unrelenting heat, even when it pours rain everyday around 3:30-4:00.

We still need to finish un-wallpapering the downstairs, paint the rest of the house (downstairs and the garage), clean the floors better (there is only so much I can do while there are huge boxes all over the floor), buy some book cases, rearrange the furniture, rearrange the pantry, get a kitchen table, get a mini table for the wall through, clean up the garage, and put the rest of the stuff away.  Then I also need to weed my yard, clean the front porch, clean the windows (eww), and place my cute outdoor decorations.  By the time I get ready for that, I’ll be putting out pumpkins and tomb stones.

We have also been told we need to paint the fence that came with the house.  And our paint choices are “wood colors” or red.  Yeah.  No white picket fence here.  We are also supposed to paint the house.  I have some of the paint choices and none of them are thrilling me.  Hubby also wants to re-roof the Florida room.

Celebrated my birthday over two weekends, one with buddies in Orlando, taking a break from packing to eat at Buca! and the upcoming one which started off with my darling and some sushi.  I am to hang with family tomorrow, and there will probably be some cake at least. Hopefully also a haircut and some touching up of the style I started several months back.  I have trimmed my own bangs at least 3 times now, and they really need done again.

I promise to be a better blogger as I get more settled and can really enjoy the little stuff.

Like the hot air balloons I see once a week, on average, on my way to work.  It’s kinda cool.


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