New project

Every year my family picks names out of a hat (or bowl, or glass, you get the point) to see who is buying holiday gifts for who.  We keep this secret for more fun on the day ot gift trading.  This only involves the adults, everyone does something for the little ones.

We also have several birthdays near the holidays (everyone one execpt me and my two brother-in-laws).

My mother has just let me know what she wants for her birthday/Christmas.

It will be lovely, I’m sure.  As long as I don’t scream too loudly.

She would like her wedding gown and her children’s christening gowns (there are four of us, I am not sure how many gowns there are though.  There are a few years in between us, well at least me and the others…) into a quilt.

And I am not sure I know how to quilt.




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