A day…

Had a crazy day at work, lost 3 hours of active doing time for a training of sorts, which I still feel I did not need.  Whatever, it’s over now.  Then lost power while I was in the midst of trying to catch up.  Thankfully, the auto save feature kicked in and it brought back most of what I was working on.  -Whew!-

Hubby also had a crazy day, so I met him and one of his co-worker friends for drinks once I got out.

It all turned around once I had a moment to vent, and we ended up at a yuppie bar near my new house.

They were playing football in one half of the place and baseball in the other half.  We sat near the football game, as the Patriots were playing and hubby’s from the Boston area.  I saw an ad for a future game with the Eagles (Go Philly!) and commented on it.  Turns out the bartender is from Jersey, near Philly, and thus I got a free drink!  Yay! 

Pear martini, how I adore thee.

All in all, fun night, ending by some goldfish crackers and bed.


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