Swedish meatballs, here I come…

OK, perhaps it will instead be pancakes with lingonberry jelly.

Hubby and I are venturing to Ikea tomorrow in search of bookcases for our living room.  And maybe a rolling kitchen block. (not as weird as it may sound, promise).

We have a lot of books.  A lot.  And no where to currently put them.

I would also like space on said bookcase shelves to put some of our art stuff (small pictures, sculptures, ect) in between the books.  So we don’t look like complete weirdos.

Not that we Aren’t complete weirdos, but whatever.

Side note about books.  I recently ‘ordered’ a bunch of books from the library, someone suggested I read the Sandman series.  I did not realize it was a graphic novel.  Let me amend that, graphic novels.  A lot of them.    They all became available at the same time.       All of them.   Well, all that the library had.  I needed 2 grocery bags to get them out of the library and into my car.

I am reading as fast as I can.  So I don’t have to pay the library.  I really don’t like having to pay the library for my own laziness.


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