While trying to be healthy

I picked up some fruits and veggies at the store last night to have some is-not-a-honey-bun-or-other-sugary-fat-bomb-though-yummy to have as a snack this week.

I peel my tangelo, looking forward to the Vitamin C it offers (as a coworker has blessed me with some upper respiratory thing). At the bottom, under THE last piece of peel.

Black.  Ewww….

What got into this fruit to make it do that.  It looks like it was being invaded by mini squicects (squid+incect) that squirted their ink into the flesh of this poor, undeserving citrus fruit.

While I am so disconcerted I dumped the thing right in the trash and washed AND anti-baced my hands.   Ew.


2 thoughts on “While trying to be healthy

  1. Yuk horrible.
    Lexiemom’s comment reminds that I served up some carrots from a neighbour’s allotment the other day. They were all gnarled and twisty like witches’ fingers. But I’d trimmed, washed and steamed them.
    Then – during the meal – from one of the carrots emerged a pale segmented caterpillar (I think) – put the eater off the rest of her meal.
    And just my luck – it would happen to be the only vegetarian at the table.

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