And time rewards its use

I spend a lot of time online.

A good portion of that is due to my job (and also the last 3 jobs).  I need to have internet access to do my thing, and some times I goof during my breaks.

I find myself agreeing to be on a handful of survey groups.  I like quizzes, so I take the surveys and fill most of them out.

You get points for filling these surveys.  If you are patient (ie forgot about this tidbit) you can rack up a good number of points.  Which can then be used for things like shopping.

I cashed a bunch of my points in recently and got myself a good amount of money to spend.  I chose Lands End because I am addicted to tote bags.

My name is Lauren and I am a toteaholic.

“Hi Lauren”

So here is the new bags.  And a sweater.  I like cardigans too.  Especially for twin sets (though I really don’t wear twin sets.  Mostly because I blow my money on tote bags and cardigans instead of getting the shell to go under it.  And I live in Florida.  It’s  awful hot here.  I keep a light cardi on hand for over air conditioned buildings and wear mostly t-shirts and things made of t-material around.)

I love the stripes!

Free advertising.  And a sturdy bag for me to carry stuff.

I could not get a good picture of this color.  It is closer to the color of the stripes in the first bag.


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