Over the blacktop to Orlando and back.

Hubby and I ventured back to Orlando this weekend to visit his mom and celebrate a friend’s birthday.

First we lost our friends.  Now when I say “lost” I mean we could not find anyone.  Hubby and I assumed everyone had died and we had picked THE worst weekend to head down.

Turns out Birthday buddy was having issues with his cell company.  Seems they applied his bill to the wrong account and shut off his phone.  Our other friend had dumped water on her touch phone and was unable to answer it.  Even his mom, who is always 30-45 minutes early, was late.  About 40 minutes late, with no phone call.   We were having a bit of a moment of panic.

Mom was upset now that we are another hour away and she can’t just stop by anymore.

Right.  I am not fond of anyone “stopping by” unannounced.  I am all for visits and having company, but give me some notice, please.   This isn’t even about the house being a disaster or the smell coming from the litter box.  It’s more about me.  Perhaps I am still in pajamas at 3 in the afternoon and don’t feel like chatting about the new thing you found while shopping.  Maybe hubby and I are in the midst of something, be that SOMETHING or installing a banister in the stairwell.  Maybe I am just getting ready to go out and don’t want you to come with me.  For whatever reason, at least a phone call to say you are in the area first would be great.

We had lunch then hung around a bit, to be honest I don’t remember what we did.  We then caught up with our birthday friend and made a sort of plan for the evening.  We went for pizza, at his request, then sat in the living room of my not-yet-rented old house (note, no furniture.) and tried to find someplace to karaoke.  We finally located a place, went, proceeded to drink too much

in the smoky bar and hubby sang a bit.  As the pitchers got lower, his singing got…  different.  After several hours, we called and went to Denny’s for middle-of-the-night-munchies.  Hubby and I headed back to our air mattress on the floor where I did not sleep.  Let me repeat that.

I. Did. Not. Sleep.

I do not have trouble sleeping.  Ever.  Hubby likes to point out that I would sleep through a nuclear bomb.  And it usually takes me about 10 minutes, maybe to fall asleep.  So this was weird.   I lay there for 3 hours, then got up and got dressed and packed up some things we had brought with us.  I then lay back down and tried to sleep again.  Nada.  It was more like laying with your eye closed waiting for the sun to come up and let you know it’s OK to be awake now.  I didn’t even have a couch or chair to sit in and wait.  Just this air mattress.

He was still under the influence and was sleeping the sleep of the passed out.   He did not even notice I was sighing regularly and tossing about.  My darling hubby is usually bothered by everything.  The light from the clock on my side of the bed, the sound of a car driving past, one of the cats purring.  EVERYTHING.

Morning comes, my alarm goes off on my phone, another jab of the previous me assuming I would sleep soundly, and I nudge awake my darling and tell him to shower.  I had already done so the night before, not being able to stand the smoke any more that clung to my hair and clothes.   While he bathed, I deflated the air mattress (what a sight that must have been) and bagged up what was left of our stuff, and started packing the car.  When I went to get his towel to pack it I was greeted by another guest in the house.

Let me close in on that visitor so you can see why my darling came running after I screamed.

When he asked where our stuff was, I told him the car was already packed.  Hubby feigned amazement and asked why I was in such a hurry.  I was just in a leaving mood and was ready to go somewhere.  We finally got going, to the hardware store to have a piece of plastic cut, a new ‘need’ for the house, where the fridge was wedged into the space with no room for anything, hubby felt a barrier of sorts was needed to keep spills from making a mess that could not be cleaned up.   Once that was in place we headed  to breakfast with my Trisha.

For a change, we went to Keke’s, a place I have not yet seen anywhere else.  Neat place, lots of breakfast options.  I had Banana split waffles.  Yep, waffles with banana split on top.  Minus the ice cream.  That would just be weird.

The group agreed  to hang some more, so we walked the outdoor mall a bit.  As I needed one, we bought an iron.  I am just that random.  And we were at Target.  So why not?  After some more walking and an coffee, we split up to head home.

Hubby napped a bit and I had the most relaxing music on for some reason.  And I was not tired.  Odd, in that I still hadn’t slept.  The other cars and the reflectors on the highway were diamonds on the road, sparkling as if lit from within until they approached and revealed themselves to be much more ordinary.

We arrived safely, ran a few errands, cooked dinner and slept for the first time in 39 hours.


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