I want it NOW!

I am fond of instant satisfaction.   I also REALLY want to be Hot. Smoking, hot, rockin’ – what you will.

Thus, I am constantly fighting with myself when it comes to eating right and exercising. I want to be at my “fighting weight” NOW! I don’t want to have to wait for months to watch the pounds slowly melt off. I see those who I view as healthy and fit and want to be more like them.

I am not expecting to be Shape or Fitness model skinny. While I have the height, I don’t feel I could meet that goal much less keep that size for any longer then it takes me to make breakfast. I have, what I think to be, a reasonable fitness level goal for me.

I want to be able to be on the floor with my nephews, and not be uncomfortable because my waistband is digging into my tummy.

I want to be able to run for a mile, then work up to more as I would like to participate in the Disney Princess Half-Marathon at some point.

I want to be able to climb the mini-mountain on the island Hubby and I find ourselves on while on vacation.

I want to climb the stupid rock wall, darn it!


I realize that slow is the healthy thing to do, and there is no such thing as instant fit, however much I want it.

So today is one more day in the trying to eat well, go get some exercise mindset.


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