Kites and tropical storms

This morning, a very tired me stumbled out of the house to head to work (this is after I woke before dawn, dressed in the dark, managed to somewhat brush my teeth and head to the gym.  An hour and a half later, I got home, showered and ate something in preparation for the rest of the day.).  I was greeted by a blindingly bright sunshiny lawn. (Sunglasses were in the car).  I glanced at the sky and saw…



Where was the sun coming from?  I mean, the sky is downright menacing.

Now, several hours later, I see out my office window to the sun lighting the trees as they blow in the breeze.  An office that will be decorated by kites soon.  Some associate celebration.  No clue.  I am supposed to color a paper cut out that sort of resembles a kite (loosely) with the highlighters at my desk.


Like I don’t have a pound or twelve of glitter and various shiny things at my house.

And as if I wasn’t going to use them here.

Bah!  They know me not!

So the sun taunts me from outside.  Unfortunately, by the time I leave, it will probably be raining….  Ah, figures.


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