Soft and sore

My new gym finally opened.  It is BRIGHT green and purple inside.

Hubby and I figured it would be good to visit, being that it was miserably grey and raining all weekend,  so we went this weekend to get our workout on.

I tried the Arc trainer.  Goodness that hurts!  I think I set myself up for failure as I tried a program setting immediately.  That seems to be a mistake.

Either the Arc trainer, or the 90 pound calf raises, or perhaps running after a month (or 3) off, my legs are killing me!

I went back today to help my Mom get comfortable with the gym as she has not gone to a gym in years.  It was a nice, slow workout, walking around and explaining some of the machines.  Then a mad dash to drop her off at home, sprint through the grocery store (15 minutes for a full weeks’ worth of food.  Beat that!), then run home, put the cold stuff away, take the fastest shower EVER and throw on clothes, change the litter box, feed the cats, EAT something, slap on some make-up and run out the door, planning on the air conditioner in the car to set my face and keep the sweat marks off my shirt.


I arrived at work in a good amount of time, and am now taking the first break of the the day with the first coffee of the day.  Impressive.  I usually have half a  pot before I leave the house.

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canada people!  Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Soft and sore

  1. Impressive!!!!!
    I keep saying I’m going to get up early to workout at our home gym. Haven’t crawled out of bed early once. But you’ve inspired me. I’m REALLY out of shape, and really need the workouts. It helps to have someone to go with, so it’s nice that you & your mom are close enough to go together. Good luck in keeping it up!

    • Thanks! I may need the luck!

      Maybe start small, 10 min on the machine, I had to start small and work up. I am still working up to a full 45 min.
      You can do it!

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