Make it stop!

What a week this has been.

If you have read, Tuesday there was an issue getting to work on time.

On the way home on Tuesday, my car started acting up.

So, Wednesday, the day hubby was set to leave for a trip, I have to take my car in.

My darling sister, who was looking for some knitting help, agreed to take me by the hubby’s office to get his vehicle, since it needed an oil change anyway.

For those keeping track, yes, both cars are at the shop.

Same sister wants to get lunch, is kind enough to stop by to drive me back from the dealership (instead of walking home) with the agreement that I would come with her to wander a local shopping area and pick up lunch together.

(Bonus time with sister and to see one of my darling nephews!)

We do, nephew gets tired, sister looks a bit wiped, and she drops me off before heading home herself.

I finally get a call from the car place, hubby’s wehicle is ready to pick up!  I walk up (getting some awesome bunny pictures on the way) and then head to the libary to drop off a book due that day (I had renewed just in case I could not get there that day, but I was ready to return it anyway) and the home for some mac and cheese and knitting in front of the TV.

I was drained by 10:30 and headed off to sleep.

I still have not heard back about my car though.  I hope it is fixable and for as little money as possible as I already paid out the nose for this car recently.

At least tomorrow is Friday and I get to hit the fresh market with my Mom and Grandma on Saturday.  Should be a blast!

I hope your weeks are going much less dramatically then mine.


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