What a day….

I was running around this morning, trying to get some stuff done at the house before I had to go to work.

I stop by the local coffee shop to pick up a brew and a muffin.  The woman in front of me is having the question session to end all question sessions.

Do you have cheesecake?  Not in the morning.

Can I wait for it? Sorry, it won’t be delivered until after noon.

Do you have cranberry muffins?  No, just what’s in the case.

Can you make some?  No, sorry, we just have what’s in the case.


As I was in a hurry anyway, I left without anything.  I have now been awake for 3 hours and have not eaten yet.  I drive to work, getting crabby as I am hungry.   A couple of the girls I usually lunch with have brought bagels in (thank goodness!).  I am at work for about 2 hours when I get a text from my hubby.

So I leave work in a hurry, after verifying where I am going, promising I will  text my manager to tell her what’s going on.

I then spent the the rest of the afternoon and much of the evening here.

This when I was leaving…

He is OK, just a bit of lingering sick that may have caused a bit of bruising or inflammation of his chest muscles.  Fun start of the weekend though…


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