A time for beginings

So here we go again, on this wild ride around the sun on this swiftly tilting, careening through space on this planet we all live on.

As many people are, I am being boringly predicible and making some personal goals for 2012.

One of which is in full swing already.

I have visited my local gym twice already and kicked my own butt firmly in the right direction.  I am also (as is the norm for this time of year) making a better food plan to keep myself fueled, but not oversuch.

I am getting tired of it already…

But I have great plans!  I have a well formed idea of the lesser me!  I have the best, most amazing wardrobe I want to purchase!  I just need to be less to fit in them…

So here we go, once more with loftly goals and “foolproof” plans. 

Though nothing is ever foolproof, they will just go out and create a better fool.


Happy New Year!


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