Pre-Valentine’s Catch up

Another cold day in FL.

It was 34 when I left to hit the gym.  Brrr….

Mostly brrr…  as I do not own cold weather workout gear.  So there I stand, in my thin capri’s, running shoes, a t-shirt and an ill-fitting sweatshirt as wearing jeans seems counterintuitive.

I have,  before this point, been somewhat proud to say I do not own sweat pants.   Today, however they would have been a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

I seem to have lost 4 more pounds (yay me!), leading me to believe that I may be doing something right.  Huh?  Who would have thought?


On other notes, knitting as always, this one’s for me (some socks….), Reading like a fiend (have a goal of 100 books this year.  We shall see….)

Have been using the Oh Life thing every day.  Some time I may figure out how to load them here too….  Working on that….


All in all, life keeps moving, the world turning and we are all just trying to keep from being thrown off!

Have a great Valentine’s Day, to those that want the wish.  I wish everyone (Valentine fans or no) a great day and hugs!


2 thoughts on “Pre-Valentine’s Catch up

  1. You can buy jogging pants. They look better than sweats, and they’re warmer than capris. Just a suggestion! Congrats on the weight loss!
    Happy heart day!

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