Dreaming of getting away….

Hubby and my anniversary is coming up and we are trying to think of what to do. We are thinking of visiting a B&B in St. Pete, so we have spent the last few evenings, off and on, trying to find somewhere nice and close to what we want to see. We saw a few […]

Friday the 13th!

I actually view 13 as my lucky number.  Not sure why or where it started, but there you go. Tonight hubby and I will have having a drink or two and watching some bad horror movies (it IS Friday the 13th….)  Tomorrow I have to get up early and head out to some thing my […]

A day of Ennui

I have been looking for (and applying) for a new job for over a month now. To no avail, since I am still looking…. Today I felt just – blah.  I did my strength workout, but very little cardio. Came home, cleaned some dishes and my normal morning chores (litter box, water plants, fluff some […]

Long Weekend

I feel like my weekend went on forever. This may be in part to the lack of sleep I got Friday night and Saturday. Friday evening kicked off the local Relay for Life, which my Women’s Club was participating in.  I advised my ladies that, due to work hours, I would not be there for […]


Hubby was away for a week (and now is back…) and I spent most of that week cleaning and organizing my house.  Nothing is finished yet, but it’s close! Part of this process was to create some routine to keep me accountable.  While playing online one afternoon, I stumbled upon a link to I Heart […]