Long Weekend

I feel like my weekend went on forever.

This may be in part to the lack of sleep I got Friday night and Saturday.

Friday evening kicked off the local Relay for Life, which my Women’s Club was participating in.  I advised my ladies that, due to work hours, I would not be there for the opening ceremony at 6pm.  After my work shift, I headed home to take a nap.  By the time I actually got to bed, I got about an hour and half of sleep before my alarm went off, telling me it was time to go!

I arrived at the Relay at 2am and found our tent right away.  I chatted with the ladies for a while, did some laps (about an hour or so in total), took some pictures,

posted to Facebook in the middle of the night then headed to the cafeteria to heat up some breakfast offerings we were selling for to raise some more money for Relay.

There were not many people who joined us, so we ended up taking most of our stuff home for use in an upcoming event.   Mine went right into the freezer so they would still be good!

I headed home at 7:30, washed up and laid back down, to be woken again in 45 minutes to head to a radiologist appointment.  Got some not so great news there, but I will hear from the Doctor once she has received the results.

After that, since hubby was concerned that we would not see each other at all this weekend, I downed some coffee and we headed out to Lowes to look for a medicine cabinet we wanted.  While we were there, Daniel found some citrus trees, there was a special event going on, “Ask the Grower” so we knew this was the time to jump on the bonus and ask our questions.

We ended up picking a Navel Orange and a Persian Lime tree.  The orange already has some baby fruits and a few lingering blossoms.  Oh how I ADORE the smell of orange blossoms!   We are expecting to plant them soon, they are sitting on our back patio, in the sun, soaking up the recent rain.


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