A day of Ennui

I have been looking for (and applying) for a new job for over a month now.

To no avail, since I am still looking….

Today I felt just – blah. 

I did my strength workout, but very little cardio.

Came home, cleaned some dishes and my normal morning chores (litter box, water plants, fluff some laundry) before hubby was out of the shower so I could get in.

Said good bye to my darling, bathed and took most of the rest of my time doing my hair.  I need to find a faster way to deal with this mop.

I did get to run by the library since I gased up yesterday, but it was a very quick trip to drop off already read books and get a book-on-CD since I have to drive to and from work long enough to get through a chapter or two each way.

Now I am at work, bored out of my mind since I have already dealt with my pending issues and am not feeling much like “above and beyond”ing today.

I am over being bored here, feeling less then used to my potential much less challenged in some way.

I really hope that I will hear something positive back soon.  I am fighting not to lose heart with all my being.


Enough whining.  I have a job, which is better then some, and benefits, which are REALLY good to have.  I am just feeling a bit down today.


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