Dreaming of getting away….

Hubby and my anniversary is coming up and we are trying to think of what to do.

We are thinking of visiting a B&B in St. Pete, so we have spent the last few evenings, off and on, trying to find somewhere nice and close to what we want to see.

We saw a few places that looked a bit…  questionable.  I can understand that esentially a B&B is someone letting others into their house to stay.   I have questions about those who chose to do so with houses that aren’t Quite big enough to do so ‘comfortably’. 

For example, if you live (or not, whatever) in a 2,000 square foot home, having a 4 room B&B seems a bit off.  How big are the rooms?  Are there seperate entrances? 

I admit I have very limited experience with the idea, having only stayed at one, but this place was wonderful and the owners were super attentive, in a perfect sort of way.   (Not in a “in your room at 6 am trying to give you coffee” sort of way)   Now we are comparing every place we see to that one, and are finding some that are not fitting the bill.


As I head home, I know we will continue to debate…  Here’s to hoping!


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