Late to the party….

I recently upgraded my phone.  One of the AT&T deals, sign for another two years – here’s a phone.

I have been with AT&T for ever and, while periodically shopping around, have no complaints, so, since I am planning to stay, Thank you, what is the free phone this time?

This time, it is the iphone.  The 3G version, but whatever.  New to me, a bunch of stuff my Samsung did not do, not as cool as the Lumia

(side note, I have a somewhat unhealthy draw to Nokia products.  They’re Finnish, I’m Finnish.  It makes sense to me.  I think they ought to give me the Lumia for the great advertising…).

So I have been playing with the newness.  Pretty neat.

I finally downloaded my itunes junk onto the phone, since it’s like a slightly better mp3 player anyway.  I found that most of my music is from the free tracks Starbucks gives out.  So….  it’s kind of painfully hipster. 

and I like it.

I also re-found this song I loved when it was new.  So funny!


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