So sad

I was grocery shopping this morning before breakfast (always a bad idea, I need to stop doing this) and was sidelined on the way to the crackers by


They looked new (to me at least) and I do love a chocolate/peanut butter mix….

So I paked them for a snack at work for the next few days.

There is a reason I don’t buy cookies.

I ate a third of the package over the afternoon.


And I am TRYING to loose weight (down 21 lbs!)  ARRGGGGHHHH!!!   I have NO will power!


So I am going to put these under lock and key and offer them to my co-workers tomorrow.

I will just have to push a little harder at the gym in the morning, what say?


Now I am off to get another glass of water to try and rinse these out of my system.


3 thoughts on “So sad

  1. i think our whole family is like this! i remember when mom used to buy toaster struedels (soda, popsicles, chips, egg rolls…) for breakfast! lets just say i never ate one per meal… derek brought home a whole foods tiramisu cake for mothers day and i pretty much ate it this week : (! and my pants are definitely tight this morning… anyway: dont feel guilty about it, just buy smaller packs next time! and focus on what you HAVE done: You’re doing great with your gym time and 20+ lbs takes a lot of work…

  2. Dont look at me i have no will power .. So i cant buy that kind of stuff at all. And well oreo cookies are like my least able to resist food.. Add peanutbutter and well i would eat the whole package.

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