Busy weekend

Friday kicked of my weekend with a second Relay for Life!

This one I was joined by my Mom  and her Mary Kay ladies!

They offered nail polish changes, a raffle and food!  It all looked delicious!

I arrived earlier at this one, and arrived just in time for the moment of silence.  I intend to stay for  the whole thing next year.

Once I arrived, Mom took her shift walking and we set out to find our family member luminaries.

My Grandfather, who died just over a year ago.




His mother






And father both also died of cancer.




As did his younger brother, and my Grandmother’s Aunt.





We lapped a few times, then Mom had some ‘customers’ to take care of.

The Games started shortly after, some little relays, a round of Zumba, musical chairs…  Fun stuff that the students from the High School hosting mostly partook of.


I made a point to run a few laps as well  as walking, since I wanted some extra cardio if I was going to be awake! It seems I started a trend.  Once I had run my laps, a handful of others started running too!

It was great, I stayed until about 4am, then the ladies seem to have it dealt with and I headed home, knowing I would be up and about the next morning as well.


This weekend we had the chance to visit a friend and see a new place!

Hubby and I traveled to Tarpon Springs to visit Terri, a friend of Daniel’s from work.

Our intent was to catch up a bit and grab some lunch, and dinner if we happened to stay that long.

We arrived and I was shocked at the entry!   It seems that many builders took the extra incentive provided to build the house up some distance since this is so close to the coast, it floods fairly often.


We decided pretty quickly to head out for lunch since neither Daniel or I had eaten yet that day…  We wandered around Tarpon a bit, bad me, I did not get a single picture!   I was too busy having fun!

Once we returned we spent a good bit of time just lounging about.

Hubby took a little soak and we chatted.  I found they have the most beautiful plant on their patio.









I am horrible with them, but I love an orchid!


We eventually headed inside, Terri was getting a bit hungry and was planning to make dinner.

While waiting…






She ate, then we played a game called Sequence.  I had never seen it before, but it is kind of fun!


Once we got  done hanging about, it was quite late, so Hubby and I just crashed there for the night.

We awoke early the next morning, I cleaned up best I could, having not packed all my hygiene supplies.

We decided then to grab something to eat before we left, and since we had used the last of the bottle of bubbly, we set to replace that as well.





We found the cutest place for breakfast!

Very well priced as well!








And if that weren’t enough, upon arriving home today from the gym, I found a lovely sight.


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