Looking for triggers

I have decided I do best in posting when I have a goal for each day, whether that be pictures or questions or whatnot. I have been looking for a July Post/Picture-a-Day, if anyone has set one up, to get me back on track…. If I do not find one by mid-week next week, I’m gonna […]

Pod Person

I have found myself listening to a lot of podcasts recently. I have been focusing mostly on knitting podcasts, video and audio only.    As a knitter, I love to see other people’s techniques and hear their ideas and suggestions. I tried to listen to a Kevin Smith thing, not so much…  a bit too comic […]

A life less interesting.

For those that do not read my other blog, I knit. That said, this month kicked off a knitting ‘competition’ of sorts on Ravelry.  In this competition, you receive several challenges, in which you craft something that you can explain to fit your team.  I am on a Disney team (surprise!)   In preperation for this, […]