A life less interesting.

For those that do not read my other blog, I knit.

That said, this month kicked off a knitting ‘competition’ of sorts on Ravelry.  In this competition, you receive several challenges, in which you craft something that you can explain to fit your team.  I am on a Disney team (surprise!) 

 In preperation for this, I chose several patterns and what I wanted to assign them to.  Since the first of the month, I have been knitting like a fiend trying to get everything I chose done so I could submit them for points.

I have finished a few of my chosen projects and then remembered that I have this great blog and some followers who may be getting bored not seeing updates (like I do when I am following someone…).  So here we are.




It has also been very grey and dark and raining for several weeks here, which leaves very few really cute photos to provide to you loverly peoples who are not here in Sunny (ha!) Florida.

Have a great weekend!


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