For better or worse

I live in Florida, it is generally really hot and muggy here, especially during the summer.

For the past almost two weeks we have had no air conditioning.  Normally we have central air, which is attached/part of our heating system.  We woke one day to a not cool house.  The machine was running, but nothing cold was coming out.  Turns out we had a leak.  We had a service guy come out to check.  He assured us it was a leak, but that he could not fix it that day.  So he come back the next day, with a co-worker, and they fixed that leak.  Then they found another one.  In the condenser, outside.  They would need to take the outside unit apart and replace the coils in the middle.  Not a cheap fix.

In the midst of this, my part started leaking fuel.  It was taken to the shop and they babysat and repaired my auto-baby.  Thus said, since my darling love needed to go to work, and we are not on the same schedule, I was without car for a few days.

So Hubby and I thought about maybe just replacing the whole shebang, not THAT much more then the fix.

I called around for some appointments to get replacement estimates of local companies.  I could do this, as I had no why to get anywhere.  While sitting in my Florida room, which has an attached wall air conditioner.  Nice little room, not well insulated, but MUCH better then the rest of the inside.

Finally got my car back, still no AC.  Headed to work, did the work thing for the week, no AC.  We had a guy come out ready to install, but he had not bothered to measure the air handler location and unit he brought was too big for our spot. (again I am cursing the previous owners…)  The downpayment check was canceled, the guys sent away.

Finally, yesterday, I needed to be home in the morning for the service guy, who is now looking into getting a new system installed.

He measured the details, spoke to Hubby over the phone while measuring, and got us set for Saturday.  Whew!

I then headed to work, felt very uninterested in work and quite concerned that I was slowing down on the sweater I am knitting.  I was finishing a skein a day for the first four skeins.  The fifth is so far on a day and half, but I am close to starting the bottom ribbing.


I picked out my Nerd Wars patterns (a fiber art centered challenge on Ravelry), and am hoping to finish the sweater before starting them.

I finally got home, and Darling hubby decided we should go to the movies.  I knit a few rounds while watching the Olympics while he got a quick cold shower (no AC, remember) and we headed off.  We saw the last Dark Knight film.  It was OK, Bane annoyed me with his ovbious voice over speech and weird, not synced movements.

I must be kind of off, as I spent most of the movie very concerned for Alfred.  Yeah.  I’m the one in the action movie crying over the butler’s feelings.




3 thoughts on “For better or worse

  1. I feel your pain. The AC went out on my minivan, and I have about a 45 minute one-way trip to work. Morning isn’t bad, but with afternoon temps in the mid-90s here everyday, the afternoon commute was torturous. I was needing a shower everyday when I got home. I’m glad to have Mini back from the mechanics shop running with nice ice-cold air once again.

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