Happy 2013!

Happy New Year! 



Welcome 2013, please be awesome!

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and a bit of a health issue, I am back.

I am going to put effort again, into being a more frequent poster and have begun to make an idea calendar to help me with this.


To kick off the New Year right, I am reaffirming my ‘resolutions’.  Now, when I say resolutions, I mean things I WILL be doing, not so much those resolutions many of us say, but never get to.

I will be losing more weight by my birthday (in August) to get to my goal weight.  This allows for new wardrobe as well!  This past year I have lost 35 pounds and have about another 40 to go.  Slow and steady….

I will continue my running program, to get me, ultimately, to the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  I do not have a date in which I will be there, but the long term goal is there.

I am also going to look at my food a bit more closely.  What am I actually eating and what is in it?  Meat full of antibiotics and excess hormones, vegetables treated with tons of chemicals, sugar that has been processed through bone charcoal….  Ummm, eww….


So what about you?  Any great plans for 2013?



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