Today, today…

Today has been busy.  I had an order in at work, so I needed to bring cash, needed bread anyway, so I hit the grocery store to do both.  Knowing that I also wanted to hit Starbucks to get some Peppermint syrup for make-it-myself Peppermint Mochas, and the library to do a trade (drop off what’s due, pick up the stuff I asked they hold for me) I figured I would get all ready to hit the road and head straight to work since I needed to get gas before I really took off, and our gas station is a quarter of my way to work.

So, second day hair!  Found a great “dry” shampoo recipe that actually works on my greasy hair.  Sprayed away, blew dry and teased it a bit to hold this cute style I saw on Pintrest (Love that site!!)

Crown of braid

This month we have a special offer at work, food trucks!  They are some of the more gourmet food trucks out of Atlanta I believe (our head quarters is in Atlanta) and one is a Cheesesteak truck.  Shampion Cheesesteaks to be exact.

OK, as a Pennsylvanian, who REALLY likes Cheesesteaks and is on a constant search for a good one, I figured I would check them out.  Their website shows they normally offer desserts, of Tastee Kakes…  So… maybe the owner/COE/whoever started this thing is from Philly. 


It was a good size, about 6-7 inch sandwich.  Wrong bread, (Amarosos Rolls from Philly are the standard) but tasty.  I chose grilled onions and white Amercian cheese on steak.  I might chose to purchase from them again.  I think I just need to come to an understanding that I can’t get a “real” cheesesteak in Florida.


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