Back in the old stomping ground

temporarily though…

Hubby and I rent our first house out in case we ever want to move back to the town we went to college, got married and lived for many years.

Our most recnet renters just left, which triggered hubby and I to repaint the place, make it new for the next renters.

So we packed up, hit the road and 2 some hours later, arrived ready to work!


I heard we had a few comments on the blue of the house….  so we needed to cover my striped walls.


After 3 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint….

it’s covered.

White wall


So, two full days, and LOTS of paint and sweat, the inside needs only a bit of cleaning and the new carpet we are planning on (the carpet is 10 yearts old.  It needs to go) and it will be super pretty and ready to go.

Outside, as you can see, needs a bit more, everything.   But that’s for  Another weekend.


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