Weekend warrior

Ok not really, just a really busy weekend.

Saturday I drove across state to clean my old house to prepare for new renters (yay, potential income!)

I arrived to find overgrown bushes, no carpet and a dirty house!

Floor pads

I spent a few hours and cut down the bushes, moved the hurricane boards to the garage and cleaned the house.

What an undertaking all by myself!

House cleaned

After that, and quickly showering and making myself pretty again, I headed to my friend Rachel’s Wedding Shower!

Shower cake

Her theme was zebra and pink and wow! did she get a lot of that!  Rubber gloves, aprons, jewlery holders, bags, you name it! 

Got on the highway to head home, and passed the thing that always makes me a little sad now that I don’t live here any more.

Mickey Line

From there I drove back home, and 2 and some hours later hubby and I were talking dinner.  We headed our as I was NOT in the mood to cook!

Sunday I spent a number of hours hanging with my friend Jenn, who I have known since High School.

Then off to Football!  But the Pats lost, so 😦

Yesterday was filled with hair appointment, cleaning, cooking a pot roast and getting my nails fixed.  Whew!

Last night I spent some time working on my nephew’s Christmas stocking, as my Mom was having trouble seeing the little beads that go on it.  I hope I will have it done before next Christmas!


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