Flying by…

2013 is flying by.

As of this weekend, we are in February. My goodness!


Since hubby may not be here on Valentine’s Day (and that it is 1: on a Thursday and 2: usually way over busy everywhere) we are going to do our Valentine’s thing the weekend before or after (have not decided which is better at this point). I am planning to do something most days of this month to get me out of this funk of blah and back to my usual overexcited self.

I am planning to start my Spring Cleaning this weekend. I live in Florida and if I wait much longer it will be 90-something degrees with 100% humidity and I will feel like doing NOTHING. So the dragging of the appliances and the opening of the windows will happen now-ish.

After I get the cleaning, we start baking! I have been inspired (thank you Pinterest) to make some heart shaped cinnamon buns and something with heart peeps. Among other things… cards and junk. I am thinking I will also make some pink chocolate chip cookies for his trip, he can eat them even if he doesn’t end up going and will be a great send off if he does.


Any one else have Spring plans yet?


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