Life after being punctured

I had to go into surgery last Tuesday and am now at home recouping. A bit of pain, some stiffness, feeling a little loopy, from a combination of pain pills and body fighting to fix itself. Both my Mommy and hubby’s Mom gaveĀ  me “Get Better” bouquets. Lovely ladies, both of them! Advertisements


We have a nest just outside of my front door. There are currently 11 eggs in it! Each morning when I leave for work, the ducks get up and scatter, before regathering as I get in the car. This morning I caught a glimpse from my front window. Apologies for the weird angle and bit […]

Easter 2013

This year my sister held Easter at her house. She decorated a bit and put out the cutest place settings! I love this! She tells me she dyed the eggs with red cabbage. Wow! The whole family gathered, minus my hubby who was out of town. She even arranged an egg hunt for the little […]