Pod Person

I have found myself listening to a lot of podcasts recently. I have been focusing mostly on knitting podcasts, video and audio only.    As a knitter, I love to see other people’s techniques and hear their ideas and suggestions. I tried to listen to a Kevin Smith thing, not so much…  a bit too comic […]

A life less interesting.

For those that do not read my other blog, I knit. That said, this month kicked off a knitting ‘competition’ of sorts on Ravelry.  In this competition, you receive several challenges, in which you craft something that you can explain to fit your team.  I am on a Disney team (surprise!)   In preperation for this, […]

Books I cry over

I have been given an ultimatum of sorts regarding a certain author’s books that infallibly bring me to tears.  And by tears, I mean the not-pretty-at-all sort of sniffling to drag the snot back in your face, tears ruining any semblance of make-up you applied however hapazardly, struggling to catch your breath tears. He pulled me […]

Promises to Keep – Ann Tatlock

A novel of a girl whose mother left her father after years of abuse and his alcoholism.  The family, Roz, her brother Wally, her sister Valerie and their mother, moved  to the town Janis (the mother)’s father lived in, and he helped set them up with a house.  One morning an old lady was found […]

More reading and some yarn

I finished another book.   That makes 39 so far this year.  Goodness I read a lot. Something from the Nightside – Simon Green. Should have read this one first.  Here we meet John Taylor, and how he came to move back to Nightside from London proper.  He is contacted by a wealthy woman claiming her […]


This is going to be a quick one. Hubby and I are furiously packing our house, and getting rid of what we don’t need any longer and get it OUT THE DOOR. We had a yard sale this morning.  It was disappointing at best, what with a total of 5 customers and 2 of them […]

Weekend of Fabulousness

This past weekend has been very exciting.  When I opened my garage to head out for the day, I found these friends visiting in my yard. It was an odd day, for here in the Sunshine State it is generally sunny.  Or raining, raining ridiculously hard.  But on my way, I was encountered my a […]

Foiled again

I had every intention of sharing something crafty with you today, had great plans. But my sewing machine is acting up.  I heard something resembling sparks coming out of the foot pedal. Yeah, not going to use that again until I get it fixed. I was gifted another, smaller machine.  So I pulled it out […]

The Pact – Jodi Picoult

Yes, I read another book. Yes I am posting this book. Deal, this is how I keep track (and prove to my family that I read the books they buy me) of what I have read. This was a good book, it kept me guessing until the end. Chris and Emily are best friends.  They […]

Human Blend – Alan Dean Foster

Whispr and  Dr. Seastrom have very little in common.  He is a thief and heavily melded individual, making him unnaturally thin, and she is a natural who lives in a tall building where she also works and dates. They come from dramatically different worlds which intersect when he visits her for the removal of some […]