Disney Photo a Day 3

Favorite Official Prince

I love Prince Phillip, he fought a dragon for a girl he heard was asleep in a tower.



Fiesty and blonde

Disney Photo a Day day 1 – Favorite Disney Character

OK, this could be describing me, or any number of people I have known, though most were not really blondes.

I am meaning to proclaim, for anyone who does not know, that my favorite Disney Character is Tinkerbell.


At  the time Peter Pan was released, she was unique as a female character who showed real emotion and was not all goodness and light.  She was jealous, had a hot temper and needed placating at seemingly regular intervals.  She is still well know for being a short fuse who is also quick to help her friends.

Life after being punctured

I had to go into surgery last Tuesday and am now at home recouping.

A bit of pain, some stiffness, feeling a little loopy, from a combination of pain pills and body fighting to fix itself.

Both my Mommy and hubby’s Mom gave  me “Get Better” bouquets.

Lovely ladies, both of them!




We have a nest just outside of my front door. There are currently 11 eggs in it!
Each morning when I leave for work, the ducks get up and scatter, before regathering as I get in the car.
This morning I caught a glimpse from my front window.
Apologies for the weird angle and bit of reflection.
Duck nest

Easter 2013

This year my sister held Easter at her house.
She decorated a bit and put out the cutest place settings!
Easter Pendant
Easter Tablescape

My Seating 'Card'
I love this! She tells me she dyed the eggs with red cabbage. Wow!

The whole family gathered, minus my hubby who was out of town.
Easter Family pic

She even arranged an egg hunt for the little ones.
Hunting for eggs
Except the smallest of us, who played at a different character
Max the Sheppard
now he just needs a crook and some sheep.

I was asked to bring dessert, as I often am, and created a perfectly matching carrot cake. Yum!
Easter Cake

It was a fun morning, and nice to see everyone before we split up for the day.

Flying by…

2013 is flying by.

As of this weekend, we are in February. My goodness!


Since hubby may not be here on Valentine’s Day (and that it is 1: on a Thursday and 2: usually way over busy everywhere) we are going to do our Valentine’s thing the weekend before or after (have not decided which is better at this point). I am planning to do something most days of this month to get me out of this funk of blah and back to my usual overexcited self.

I am planning to start my Spring Cleaning this weekend. I live in Florida and if I wait much longer it will be 90-something degrees with 100% humidity and I will feel like doing NOTHING. So the dragging of the appliances and the opening of the windows will happen now-ish.

After I get the cleaning, we start baking! I have been inspired (thank you Pinterest) to make some heart shaped cinnamon buns and something with heart peeps. Among other things… cards and junk. I am thinking I will also make some pink chocolate chip cookies for his trip, he can eat them even if he doesn’t end up going and will be a great send off if he does.


Any one else have Spring plans yet?

We are going to be foster parents! Just not for human children….

Hubby and I were suprised to find something in our flowerbed this weekend.

He called me Saturday to tell me he thought he found a weird stone in the section near our front door.   Upon further examination, he realized it was an egg.   Upon chatting we realized it must be a duck egg, since our house is surounded by ducks.

By the time I got home Saturday night, there was another egg.  Wow, those ducks have picked aweird place, we thought.  Also, were these possibly dead?  I mean, aren’t ducks usually sitting on the eggs that will hatch?  Right?


Ok, so hubby and I have NO idea how a duck deals with it’s eggs.  This morning as I left to go to the gym, I saw there was another!


(sorry for the weird pic, iPhone at stupid AM)

So I go, do the workout thing, get all gross and head home.

I am greeted before I get out of the car.


Hmm, haven’t seen ducks at my front door.  I guess he is protecting his eggs.

Yeah, apprently, and his female!


Can you see the extra feathery butt?  It’s almost behind the bush.

I edge around, speaking softly and promising I am not out for their babies, I just want in my house.

As they leave, I see why they were there.

new eggs

New egg.  Hubby looked it up and found it takes about 35 days to hatch, with this breed of duck.

Spring should be very interesting at my house!