The Shortest Sick Ever

Ok maybe not the shortest, but weird to me. One day I have a tickle in my throat, the next my face is leaking goo, the day after that, I feel like I have been stuffed with wet cotton, the next day, my nose is stuffed, but it’s moving, today, I feel almost normal.  Almost.  […]

Woe is me

Sort of. I am feeling quite yuck today. I caught a co-worker’s cold and it has migrated to my sinuses. I was not able to clean them out today (for lack of any room to flush something out), not even in a really hot shower. I feel as if I have egg white soaked cotton […]

While trying to be healthy

I picked up some fruits and veggies at the store last night to have some is-not-a-honey-bun-or-other-sugary-fat-bomb-though-yummy to have as a snack this week. I peel my tangelo, looking forward to the Vitamin C it offers (as a coworker has blessed me with some upper respiratory thing). At the bottom, under THE last piece of peel. Black.  […]

Beautiful Weekend

Hubby and I got a visit this weekend from a great friend from O-town. Mostly we hung out and caught up, though we did take some time to introduce her to the greatest B-B-Q in LOL. Then, while trying to figure something for dinner, us girls headed out and were greeted by the most lovely […]


If you know me, you know my weakness for Cinnamon Buns.  The Gooier the better! So imagine my surprise (and delight) when I found some cinnamon bun flavored marshmallows. Yum! So I did when any carb-loving, marshmallow-having girl would do. I bought rice crispies and made snacks. May I repeat, yum.         […]


Candy apples have arrived!  Autumn is here!!!!   Sort of.   We don’t really get ‘seasons’ here in Florida.  The year is just one big, damp, hot series of days, periodically broken up by lots of wind and rain and no power.    But Candy Apples!!

Hubby in pain

OK, my darling is always in pain. It’s a side effect of being broken. Now he has the addition of a pinched nerve or something in his right shoulder. He has now had 3 visits to the chiropractor to try and fix it. Now he is sore, and in pain. Awesome. My poor hubby.

Coming along.

My living room is now over 50% finished. Hubby and I took some shopping time to find bookcases for our multitude of books. We found some nice ones and spent a good amount of time over this weekend to put them up and load them.  I think we are about 90% done loading and arranging, […]