Losing my Mind

I have been packing my house and we set a date for the truck for the furniture. So I have been a bit mindless recently.   Sorry for not posting more often. I have taken to reading in the car, on the way to places (like at stop lights) for some entertainment.  Soon I will be […]

Promises to Keep – Ann Tatlock

A novel of a girl whose mother left her father after years of abuse and his alcoholism.  The family, Roz, her brother Wally, her sister Valerie and their mother, moved  to the town Janis (the mother)’s father lived in, and he helped set them up with a house.  One morning an old lady was found […]

More reading and some yarn

I finished another book.   That makes 39 so far this year.  Goodness I read a lot. Something from the Nightside – Simon Green. Should have read this one first.  Here we meet John Taylor, and how he came to move back to Nightside from London proper.  He is contacted by a wealthy woman claiming her […]


This is going to be a quick one. Hubby and I are furiously packing our house, and getting rid of what we don’t need any longer and get it OUT THE DOOR. We had a yard sale this morning.  It was disappointing at best, what with a total of 5 customers and 2 of them […]

Preparing to move

As I pack up my house, with some help from Hubby, I find quite a bit I do not want to take with me. We are planning to have a yard sale to try and make a bit of moving cash off the unwanted stuff.  None of this is trash, we take care of our […]