I won something! Green Bag Lady participated in the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway day, which I just barely found in time to enter for a few. And I won one of her bags!  YAY! and some gorgeous fabric and a link to the how-to video to make another.  I am so excited!  I think I […]

Memorial Day Weekend

This was a busy weekend. While at work waiting for the weekend to begin, the new Jimmy John’s across the street brought us free sandwiches! Awesome! Friday night we went to a happy hour at Howl at the Moon, a local(ish) piano bar.  With the Happy hour, you get a free buffet and 2 drinks.   […]

Weekend of Fabulousness

This past weekend has been very exciting.  When I opened my garage to head out for the day, I found these friends visiting in my yard. It was an odd day, for here in the Sunshine State it is generally sunny.  Or raining, raining ridiculously hard.  But on my way, I was encountered my a […]

Foiled again

I had every intention of sharing something crafty with you today, had great plans. But my sewing machine is acting up.  I heard something resembling sparks coming out of the foot pedal. Yeah, not going to use that again until I get it fixed. I was gifted another, smaller machine.  So I pulled it out […]


It’s another cool day.  I am loving it, and being a little curious.  What does this mean for our friends in the rest of the country?  Is it snowing in the mountains?  Being that it’s mid-May, I hope not.  This was a cold enough winter for everyone. For the last few days I have been […]

something about windsday….

Today is another “cool” day here in the Sunshine State. I again have opened the windows and am airing my home.  It is quite breezy today as well.  Thank goodness the humidity is down as well.  What a lovely day! While sitting in my yard this afternoon, enjoying the day, I heard the ice cream […]

Spring Day

It is oddly cool here today. OK, cool is not quite the right word, but under 90, so a welcome reprieve for those of us that have been living in Florida for  the last few months.  Goodness how quickly it heats up here.  We had a longer than usual winter (which I LOVED!  Hubby swears […]

The Pact – Jodi Picoult

Yes, I read another book. Yes I am posting this book. Deal, this is how I keep track (and prove to my family that I read the books they buy me) of what I have read. This was a good book, it kept me guessing until the end. Chris and Emily are best friends.  They […]

A day in the life

Today was a busy day.  When I woke up I was not expecting much, it was sunny and warm, much like this time of year in the Sunshine State. Got myself ready to meet a friend at the farmer’s market. Got my bag and headed out (after cleaning cat mess and wiping down the kitchen […]