Pain and chocolate

I had the most delicious chocolate caramel Apple today. The candy must have been almost half and inch thick on this thing! I wish I had taken a picture.    Oh well.  You’ll just have to trust me.  It was good!  I also had my flu shot today.  The office was doing them for free […]

Pumpkin scream in the dead of night

OK, it’s not the dead of night and my pumpkins are not screaming. Yet. Hubby and I carved pumpkins tonight.  What a great gooshy mess! I also roasted the seeds.  Goodness do I love roast pumpkin seeds! Here’s to my new work snack! Speaking of work, tomorrow is the costume thing.  I always dress for […]

Autumn has finally arrived

For the last two days, it has been cool here in FL. By cool, I mean less than 70 degrees when I leave to hit the gym. It is supposed to stay like this over the weekend.   And I am Loving this!  It’s almost like home. Alright, not really.   But I have brought […]

Working out!

I got up at dark o’clock again this morning to hit the gym. Rolled out of bed and dressed in the dark with the clothes I laid on my bedside table last night.  Brushed teeth and grabbed my keys. Still dark. Picked up Mom to join me at the gym. Still dark. Arrived, did some […]

Soft and sore

My new gym finally opened.  It is BRIGHT green and purple inside. Hubby and I figured it would be good to visit, being that it was miserably grey and raining all weekend,  so we went this weekend to get our workout on. I tried the Arc trainer.  Goodness that hurts!  I think I set myself […]

Kites and tropical storms

This morning, a very tired me stumbled out of the house to head to work (this is after I woke before dawn, dressed in the dark, managed to somewhat brush my teeth and head to the gym.  An hour and a half later, I got home, showered and ate something in preparation for the rest […]

I want it NOW!

I am fond of instant satisfaction.   I also REALLY want to be Hot. Smoking, hot, rockin’ – what you will. Thus, I am constantly fighting with myself when it comes to eating right and exercising. I want to be at my “fighting weight” NOW! I don’t want to have to wait for months to watch […]

Books I cry over

I have been given an ultimatum of sorts regarding a certain author’s books that infallibly bring me to tears.  And by tears, I mean the not-pretty-at-all sort of sniffling to drag the snot back in your face, tears ruining any semblance of make-up you applied however hapazardly, struggling to catch your breath tears. He pulled me […]

Glittering rainbows and dying trees

This is what I see at my desk right now. The aforementioned rainbow is a glittery/holographic rainbow on a cloud in celebration of the upcoming something that I have yet to know. The leaves are attached to branches that I found, weirdly enough, at the grocery store.   Here in Florida.  And they are attached to […]